Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pictures of myself before and after?

Salam Ramadhan beautiful you! :)

Sneak peek: Pic of me saying hello to a friend cum customer ;)

It's been long since the last update eh! Me been busy with my full time work in corporate sales..always on the move...on the road..and yeah, tiring of course. ;p

Ok, sales of SDII has been tremendously overwhelmed...i have customers/friends who have reduced averagely 5 kgs only in puasa month! CONGRATS!!! i'm certainly happy for them. It's a satisfaction you know..;)

Dont you think it's time for us to see the results from testimonialssss? I think no...not yet! hihihi..as let them enjoy the once-a-year-raya-food as lemang, rendang, lodeh, ketupat etc first. Will collect pictures from the testimonials from now..

Friends have been asking, why not put full body pictures of myself before and after consuming SDII first? ermmm *still thinking*..hehe..

Ok, i'll upload some soon..gambar raya perhaps! raya 2009 and 2010 for comparison?..i'll dig for whatever photos i have in my lappy ok..

For those who would wanna give SDII a try, kindly email me at esdeesya@yahoo.com. Let this brilliant slimming milk do wonders to u too! ;D

Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslims
Have a good day to all ;)

Till then....

Much love,


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bulan Puasa is just around the corner..take this opportunity to slim down baybeh!

Morning everyone...

Fasting month is coming in two weeks time..so, dont you think it's a good time to rest your tummy? :)

For perut yang extra ke depan, come purchase SDII now for miracle results! Lebih2 lagi di bulan puasa nanti kita merehatkan perut dari makan di siang hari. Toksin keluar dan lagi senang untuk nampak slim with the help of this best slimming product in town! *big smile*

I bet you ladies wanna look gorgeous in your kebaya/kurung moden during hari raya?..and the men too..sure wanna be fit and steady.

So hurry, email me now at esdeesya@yahoo.com to purchase.

Thanks! :]


Thursday, July 22, 2010

SDII selling like hot cakes!..phewwwww....;)


It's been long since the last entry posted. Syukur as there are so many ladies and gentlemen out there who are very determined to look good and healthy.

For all my customers whom i met face to face, thank you for all the compliments..hihi! You should see me when I weigh at 65 kgs before. Now that i've reduced 6 kgs until to date. Yes, there are some parts of my body which i still need to put extra effort to make it proportionate with the rest. ;)

Ok, this entry is just a short one. Kindly find some infos on
SDII below:-

Net weight: 420 g
Servings: 28
Usage: Two heaped scoops in 200/250ml of water


1) Tolong bancuh dengan air masak suhu biasa/sejuk.
Elak air suam.
2) Minum mesti 4 kali sehari. Bagi orang yang selalu on the road/on the move macam saya,
consume no less than 3 times a day.
3) Shake sebelum minum.

Happy Slimming everyone!

This SDII plan works in harmony with nature.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

My email address for enquiries

everyone! ;)

I've received quite many enquiries ( for a newly launched blog ) over the phone..hehe..syukur. thank you for dropping by.

Appreciate if you could email me at:- esdeesya@yahoo.com for enquiries. I'll reply soonest possible.

Thank you.

Heart u all,


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Be Fabby! Introducing.......the best slimming milk in town...SD II !!!

Hello to all tubbies out there!


oh come on....no hard feelings puhleezzzz..;)
I know you are cute, i know you are proud of yourselves
and I am 100% certain you are special in your own way.
Aren't you? *smile*

This blog is created by me, Ms.S who used to weigh extrasss only in 2 years after married. Life is beautiful I supposed?..haha, what a reason! ;p

Let me spill a little not-so-cool secret of mine, of how i look, or how i felt before being the chubby/fat version of myself. Grrrrrrr....that's how i felt in short! i used to wear S/M sizes clothes/pants when i was single...hehe..and after a year I got married, *ding!*.....there you go......an extra offffffffff......

5 kgs!...oh wait, let me check back..


opsss....sorry........it's 15 kgs!!!! ;p that's right.

wooohooooooo!!! *embarrassing ok!*
i was totally a dunkin donut baby!....i was round and sweet! ;p..errr nope..round and....yes,
heavy! ;p

So, there's this one fine day how I met with this superb little hot SDII milk (Slimming Diet). I was leisurely chatting with my cousin over the phone. After a while..


Cousin: Nak kurus tak?
Me: Ha? Tak nak lah. (being sceptical as usual)
Cousin: Ada produk baik punya..KY susut tang pinggul 4 inci, few weeks baru minum.
Me: Woweeee..teruja! * as I have problem with my large but sexy hip ni besides extra weight*..haha!
Cousin: :D



My cousin have been consuming SDII milk for months. To my surprise.. in first 1 and half months she had reduced her weight like 3 kgs??? what's more interesting, she managed to loose 4 inches around her hip! cool isn't?..;) and it's a LIVE TESTIMONY for me...yes of course the hardwork behind it counts!..Have to avoid CARBOHYDRATES, CAFFEIN, FRUITS, & GASSY DRINKS if you really wanna see the results fast!

An agony??? ;D Not to worry peeps!
It's only a temporary abstinence while you are on your SDII affair.

Moving on..if....you fall into "pantang jumpa " type of person....(which includes me) ;p you can still take rice with all the lauk you favoured. Buttt, take in considerate amount. If before you used to eat in pinggan, now please eat in piring..ok?..;)..if not, memang 6 bulan la baru turun 1 kg, while others could have reduced in average 3-4 kgs in a month. Your choice! :)

From there on, I started to consume this milk that do wonders to most people out there, including me! So here i am, promoting the
8th wonder
s of the world,
SDII milk brought to you from New Zealand!!

Well well well...this is supposed to be a welcome note..not a lengthy entry, nor a 'forceful' sales. yet!..;p..hihihi..I welcome everybody to my sales blog, as I speak from my heart about this product. I have consumed it, I have lost some weight through it, I have gained confidence in my look, and last but not least, I want to share the benefits of this brilliant slimming milk to all the inspiring people out there including YOU..:)

Welcome to LAND OF MILK everyone!

Thank You. :)